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The Pink Spiders
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Matt Friction - Lead Vocals/Guitar

Jon Decious - Bass

Bob Ferrari - World's Greatest Drummer

Nashville, TN

2004 - The Pink Spiders Are Taking Over! (EP)

2005 - Hot Pink (First Full-length)

2006 - Little Razorblade (single)

2006 - Teenage Graffiti (Major Label Debut)

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(from the official website)

TPS formed in October 2003, in Nashville, TN. They made their way onto the Nashville music scene with their EP, released in January of 2004. The guys signed to the indie label CI records that summer, and toured non-stop. Amazing live shows and the internet buzz helped them gain popularity, and they released their first full-length album, Hot Pink, in January 2005. The album caught the attention of the music industry, and after more relentless touring, and a few bumps along the road, they signed to Geffen Records in April of 2005.

The Pink Spiders were named one of Alternative Press' "100 Bands you need to know in 2006.”

Their major label debut, Teenage Graffiti, is in stores now, and their video for "Little Razorblade" can be seen on Fuse and MTV2.

The boys are playing the first half of Warped Tour this year, 6/20-7/20 :D
click here to see when they'll be taking over a town near you!

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